Sony T90 vs TX1 vs Samsung st1000

Hey guys, i would spend about 300€ for a good compact digital camera with a good look, and i found in internet this 3 models
Sony T90, TX1, Samsung st1000 i think quite famous. So i'm undecided, sony is a very good brand, have a better look and style and maybe some more performance than samsung st1000, but i cant see any big difference between tx1 and t90, i'm going to compare samsung too because it have GPS, bluetooth, WiFi and some other features but i dont like so much this brand in digital camera industry and it's look too. So i ask help to experts to do a good choice cuz 300€ aren't few for a DC, this 2 brand are using too different brands of lenses and i don't know anything about this... A big THX to anyone who will try to help me in choice :D and sorry 4 my english xD
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