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Hi all, new to this looking for advice.

About 9 months ago I bought a new mother board, ASUS p4p800 P4 2.8Ghz and a single 512MB stick of Kingston Hyper-X PC3500 memory. Intending to get a second stick so that I could use dual channel memory - the ASUS instructions say that for this to work the memory midules must be indentical. Last week I purchased that second 512MB of HyperX memory and installed it - everything looks good. BUT both CPUZ and PC Wizard report that this new memory is Pc3200 (although its got PC3500 written all over it). Kingston tell me this is normal ...

True? do I need to tweak anything (SPD or something, I am no expert) or just send it back?

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  1. Most overclocking RAM is programed in SPD to be recognized as PC3200 because some boards won't accept a higher value. This is just to trick the board, to make the RAM more compatable.

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  2. If you look on the HyperX sticks you'll see a label. The stick you bought 9 months ago is probably an "A" stick. They ran at CAS 2.5. The new HyperX is CAS 2.0 and is a little faster. The PC3500 sticks have all run at either 2.5v or 2.6v. If you can print the info off of both labels I can give you the best settings.

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  3. Hi Craig,

    And thanks to all for the replies, I am fairly convinced that this is probably OK, the man from Kingston muttered something about 400Mhz and 443Mhz (which I didn't understand) anyway, here's what is on the two sticks:

    Old Stick - KHX3500/512 9905193-025.A00 1237079 - 2.5v

    New Stick - KHX3500A/512 9905200-038.A00 1520850 -0094244 2.6v

    So looks like you were dead right Craig - any guidance is much appreciated.

    Another snippet of info: on boot up it reports:

    "400Mhz Dual channel linear"

    As I said the PC is working fine, I run mostly Trainz and FlightSim 2004 and both are now giving a few more FPS than before...

    Thanks again

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