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Hey guys,

Simple question. Is 512 too little? Can shave $110 of the bottom line by switching from 1gb of g.skill LE to 512mb of g.skill LE.

<b>"These are my thoughts, your mileage may vary."
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  1. depends on what your doing. Playing games you can get by on 512 with xp but 1 gig is better. just serfing net, downloading, burning and such 512 is good enough.
    What do you plan on doing with the computer?
  2. I'd try and get the gig if you can, its not like that's TOO much Ram, and you never know when you may need it anyways. If price is a problem, you could also try switching brands
  3. You know my plans Wusy... Either 2x512 G.Skill LE, or save the money and just get 2x256 G.Skill LE.

    Either way I'm going with the G.Skill.

    I don't do much with the pc really, play the occasional game (nothing has caught my eye in a while), surf, burn.

    Would like to get a DVD burner and start on the DVD collection. Also wouldn't mind encoding into XVID and blah blah blah over p2p.

    Guess I'll just foot the bill and go with 2x512.

    Also heard that overclocking is best done with one stick. Although I think 300 is doable with the LE at 2x512.

    Still trying to make up my mind. Better do it before the LE is all gone.


    <b>"These are my thoughts, your mileage may vary."
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