Hi-8 footage. How do I get this on my computer for editing?

Hi, I have a Canon ES8200V HI-8 video camera and was wondering how I could get the footage onto the computer. DO i have to transfer it from the tapes? Or is it in the camera and I can transfer it from there? I just want it on the computer so I can edit it. Oh and would it be in its full resolution or would transfering it make it worse?
Thanks so much for anyone that can help!!!! :D
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  1. I had done it with my previous PC. I had a Hauppauge TV card which had s-video inputs and outputs. I also had a Leadtech video card (called ViVo-video in/out)which also had s-video in/outs. I don't remember which video ins I used. I also used some software to capture and digitize the analog image. I think the software I used was by Nero. There was no problem with resolution, but it was hard to find a software that worked smoothly and didn't pixelize.

    Later, I have also seen some USB external devices (bundled with the necessary software) that claim to do the thing. I haven't used any of them.
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