Just bought more RAM - Having tons of problems.


Well I went out this morning and purchased a second stick of 256, 333 speed DDR RAM. I made sure I bought the same speed as my current one.

First it seemed like things were working fine, the screen turned black for a split second twice, but then after that, all looked good.

Then I got into my game, SWG if it makes any difference, and it crashed. I tried again, crashed. It's been a long day and I've tried many things, reinstalling video drivers, switching the sticks of RAM around, taking out the new one, but nothing seemed to work. There was a time where it crashed, then it'd load windows, then crash in 5 seconds.. then again.. and kept on until I booted in safe mode and uninstalled my video drivers.

My current situation is I can't even open my game. It does a full scan then a weird error pops up. I can't run the housecall - trendmicro virus scan because that crashes too.

I'd really like some assistance, I'll be refreshing this post. If you think you could help in anyway, just tell me what I need to do. I have PC Wizard 2004 if you'd like me to copy any specs or anything.

Any help would be appreciated!
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  1. What are the computer's general specs?

    Motherboard, memory brand, CPU, video card... ?
  2. Ah - I was mistaken. I have two 512 sticks now. 1024 total. Brands are both generic. Unless DDR-SDRAM PC2700 (166 MHz) is.

    Bit of an update: Got into my game finally, and then I looked at the water texture.. it was all weird neon colors.. then I loaded to another zone and another crash.

    Motherboard - Asus A7V8X-X
    Processor - AMD Athlon(TM) XP 2500+
    Video Card - Radeon 9000 Series 128 mb

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  3. It could be a number of things:

    -poor quality memory (likely)
    -insufficient power (voltage to memory for example)
    -CPU overheating (insufficient cooling)
    -out of date driver for video card

    Try these steps in the following order:

    I would try installing a single stick of memory in each slot (dont use two sticks).

    Try decreasing your system bus frequency in the BIOS.

    Run the game at its minimum setting.

    Increasing the memory voltage if necessary.
  4. If you think the RAM might be broken theres a really good program somebody on these forums told me about called memtest 86 (type it into google and loads of download sites come up) you download it on to a bootable floppy then boot from it and it'll run a test that will tell you if there are any errors in your RAM. If you have even one error then its bad RAM. I would suggest testing both sticks seperatly.

    I was building a new computer and had bad RAM, caused all kinds of troble. Hope that helps!
  5. From my experience, generic memory usually can not work well with AMD monther board. I have meet the same problem as you with generice memory and 2 AMD mainboard. Kingston is a much safe choice.
  6. Every stick of genric memory I ever purchased had to be returned after generating at least a couple errors running Memtest 86 for 24 hours.

    Maybe they would have worked better on an Intel platform, but I am guess I would still have gotten errors, just less frequently.
  7. It is possible that the memory has bad spots if it is generic brand. However, I have come across a few AMD boards that had trouble with certin DDR. Did you try testing the memory with DocMemory (www.docmemory.com)?

    Tavis Curry
  8. If you didnt have problems before you added the new RAM then I would say that the bottom line is that that stick is not going to work with your board. I would get it out ASAP before everything in your registry gets corrupted

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