Missing driver sound for intel(R) Petium(R) CPU 3.00GHz

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  1. google
  2. i need to install my Desktop driver
  3. Model and Make?
    Also have you tried the net or the website of the manufacturer for it?
  4. k, only sound driver i can think of a cpu needing is for the high definition audio across hdmi, but juding from the title (older cpu) you're probably just referring to your desktop by the name & speed of the cpu because you don't know any better, which i'd bet means it's a pre-assembled unit. If you cannot find the orginal drivers disks that came with the computer(or if none came with it) then find the sticker on the case that indicates which company it was built by & model number. then head on over to that company's website & use the model number to find the correct drivers. If you cannot locate the product/company's details then it gets abit tougher - it may mean having to open up the computer to find the model & manufacturer details on the motherboard or soundcard. good luck
  5. Never heard of a desktop driver. What is it?
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