I would like to buy a new 30" monitor which one do you recommend?

Should I buy the Dell 3007/8WFP or the Samsung 305T

I'm planning to use this for web/application development, gaming, sometimes watching a movie on it.

I know the samsung does not have HDCP support. I want to know how big is the difference?

Also am I able to plug a ps3 or xbox360 elite on the Dell 3007/8WFP?

What monitor do you recommend.. :sweat:
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  1. If you plan on pluggin in a ps3 or xbox360 get a 3008WFP and NOT a 3007. 3007 will not work with with game console resolutions.
  2. I haven't researched 30" LCD monitors, but if you intend on watching Blu-Ray / HD DVDs, then you will want a monitor with HDCP support. Your video card must also support HDCP as well.

    Regular DVD or non-copyrighted HD video content does not require HDCP.
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