1080p on 1080i set?

I recently purchased a 26 inch Vizio VA26L Television. Everywhere i look it says the TV's limit is 1080i. For some reason my PS3 and Blu Ray Player say my TV supports 1080p. I have a very limited knowledge of TV's and am wondering how this is possible. if someone can shed some light on this i would appreciate it.
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  1. It just converts the resolution to 1080i so it doesnt actually support 1080 progressive it will just display it interlaced.
  2. Even if the TV itself says 1080p in the top right corner?
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    Your TV has a native resolution of 1366 x 768. This is what the screen can produce and what your set scales your input to. I would set my sources to this resolution or 720p. This would minimize the amount of processing your set has to do. The TV is displaying the resolution of the input to the TV.
  4. Thanks Alot for your help. From what i am picking up this is similar to a computer monitor and its "native" resolution.
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