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I am burying overhead cable from a utility pole in front of my house to the dwelling. It is being done by a licensed Electrical Contractor, and everying is OK with that. But, I have a slight problem, with a second run of about 175', for TV & TEL cable to an auxilliary building. The Electric Service Cable has already been buried to it; it was done about a year ago by a different licensed Electrician, trenched with conduit and would be no closer than 3' away from the new trench. The present contractor does not want to get involved with that aspect of the job. So I have decided to do the TV and TEL cable run myself. After all, it is a low voltage/low potential run and how dangerous can that be?

Regarding Direct Burial, of TEL (Cat 5 or Twisted Pair) and RG-11, from my house to an auxilliary outbuilding:
1)- Can or should Direct Burial be done simultaneously with both, without conduit, or must conduit be used? Could there be local restrictions? The RG-11 and the TEL cable would be buried in a 12" wide trench with a minimum depth of 12", with a complying underbed and cover, before being backfilled.
2)- I would not bother with RG-11, but CableVision has given it to me, gratis, and they will make the end connections, when it's ready for them.
3)-Even though the telephone service is provided by CableVision, there is still an unused phone cable running overhead to the house and by regulation, must continue to run to the house, albeit buried. I didn't think to ask the local telephone service provider, Verizon, specifically for CAT5. I won't know whether I get that or twisted pair, until it's delivered. But again, it's gratis. The second run, to the other building, is only for a possible future use and to facilitate any future home sale.
Come to think of it, if it is twisted pair, I guess conduit should be used, if Cat 5 is ever to be desired.

Anyway, if anyone has any information ar thoughts, please let me know.
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  1. I gather your in the US but what State?

    Regarding burying cable you should always use the right conduit for putting underground.

    Hence the colour ...

    Here are some specs for our cables but It will be different over there.

    Keep us posted on how you go ... sorry I can't be much help.
  2. OP ... you still there?
  3. Thank you for your reply. The Electrical contractor did take care of everything and the job is done.
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