LG M227WA or Benq SE2231 lcd tv cum monitor..which is better

I am planning to buy about 21.5 inch full hd new lcd tv cum monitor.i shortlisted LG M227WA or Benq SE2231 lcd tv cum monitor.please advice me which is better in these two so i can buy that one.i will really appreciate your suggestions
please help me n reply soon so i can buy this as soon as possible.
descriptions of these two available in these two links

[if you know any better option then these two in about 22 inch full hd lcd tv cum monitor in india then please tell me.]



Benq havent dvi connectivity isit bad for this?lg have analog tv tuner what that mean?
please try to help me which one i should buy.i am not expert so i am very confused..
thanks in advance
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  1. The BenQ lcd monitor tv is better than LG lcd monitor tv because, benq is 100% tv and 100% monitor where lg is 100% monitor but only 75% tv.
  2. The BenQ one is better than LG monitor tv because Benq is worldwide leader in making lcd panels, the AUO which is the group company of Benq corporation manufactures the best lcd panel so BenQ uses best in their products and BenQ has better brighter display compare to LG.
  3. Hey I thought I would add my 50 cents to this even though it might be too late.... I just picked up a Benq mk 2432 which is the 24" big daddy version of the se 2231 (also has 5 watt speakers instead of 2 watts) so I guess I can kind of review that here since the price isnt too different. Earlier on saw the 2231 and its pretty similar in terms of features and connectivity. I also checked out the reviews on the 227WA however too many people seemed to be having colour issues so gave that a miss. The Benq stuff seems to be pretty good for the price that benq puts on its product.

    I had been waiting a while and humming and hawing before a dealer friend of mine told me that the products are actually as good as what they claim they are. Apparently Benq does not do a whole lot of advertising in India which is probably why they arent too much of a recognised name here ( I think they should do something about that!!!). However as of now Im pretty happy with both the TV and the PC part of things as I have a whole lot of connectivity options which I could not find on any other full HD monitor for this price (paid INR 17,000)

    Disclaimer - Im more of a high definition movie fan than a gamer so I still need to check the 5ms response time etc.
  4. first off, whats a cum monitor? Dont tell me its a screen you jizz on...thats cruel.
  5. hi all,

    does this BENQ has PIP option and RF antenna Input if u are running old cable tv.
    Also is the audio output sufficient for a television of 21 inches??
    do post ur suggestions
  6. how are the service and support of Benq in india and suggest some dealerswho can give good bargain
  7. i am using for audio card in my cpu ,
    audio not accept in monitor Tv
  8. I think LG is good and you have also other choices of LG models like
    LG 42LB9R 42″ LCD TV - 74,900/
    LG 37LC7R 37″ LCD TV - 59,800/-
    LG 32LC7R 32″ LCD TV - 39,900/-
    LG 26LC7R 26″ LCD TV - 28,800
    LG 42LC7R 42″ LCD TV - 69,800/-

    These all are good but i think you must go for LG 37LC7R 37″ LCD TV - 59,800/- coz i personally feel it has good picture and sound quality.... you can also check out the price list of LG LCD tv from:
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