Find my username and password for my dsl router

what is my dsl router user name and password
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  1. How are we supposed to know?
  2. khawar_18 said:
    what is my dsl router user name and password

    User id = "IAmAnIdiot"
    Pass = "BanMeFromToms"

    Glad I could help :)
  3. You need to call your DSL provider and ask them to reset them for you (assuming you are referring to the ISP login info).
    If you refer to the router's setup interface login, refer to the documentation from the manufacturer (on their website, for instance). You can then reset the router to it's factory default settings and then change the login info as you wish. Remember you'll need to set the internet login info again when you do that, so have the ISP login info handy.
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