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I've read on the internet that there isn't really a difference between DVI and HDMI besides one carries audio. Which brings up the question: Can I watch Bluray DVD's on my computer and still see them in HD if my DVI is hooked up to an HDTV?

Right now I have the problem where I have a DVI to HDMI converter for my HD3870, but the quality is unbearable with the HDMI cable for some reason.
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  1. I am no expert on this. From what i am picking up you want to plug the DVI to HDMI converter into the TV rather then a computer and run that HDMI to your Blu Ray. In which case yes it can happen you just have to have some sort of external audio source.
  2. If you want to use your HDTV to watch Bluray DVD played on your pc Bluray drive the adaptor will work for picture. You will need to set the output of your video board to the native resolution of your HDTV. You will need to send the audio to the TV as well with a separate cable if you want the sound to come out of the TV speakers.
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