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I need a 5 meg volume pot from a Tapco 6100R master unit. This is the channel pot. I believe it is stamped 0054001 5 MEG TAPCO 1377727. Do you know if it is audio taper or linear taper?
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    Look up the old / new / alt taper table (under pot markings) to confirm but i would assume it is not a linear pot in this case.

    Check itf it is 5M by putting a multimeter on the high resistence range - across terminals 1 and 3 ...

    E-mail the supplier here:

    Service for Your Old TAPCO Products
    So you have a broken piece of vintage TAPCO gear from the '60s and '70s? We're impressed by your dedication and loyalty, but we really recommend replacing it with some NEW TAPCO gear. So perhaps it's time to consider donating it to a music history museum or have it stuffed and mounted on your wall.

    But if you really want it working again, we know of the perfect guy that can make that old metal box of yours live once again. Jory Fink, an original TAPCO employee from back in the day, is offering his outstanding service knowledge and experience for folks just like you. Go ahead and give him a shout:

    Jory Fink
    4045 NE 105th St
    Seattle, WA 98125
    (206) 523-9674

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