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I have a 42" 1080p LCD HDTV that I use as my computer monitor. I recently heard that turning my HDTV on and off frequently is bad for the life of the lamp, so I started using the default Windows XP screen saver (black screen with Windows XP logo moving around) instead of turning my HDTV off so often.

My question is... would a black screen style screen saver help save lamp life over leaving my desktop up without a screen saver or of course turning on and off my HDTV on and off every half-hour to couple hours?

I don't want to lower my backlight setting anymore than it is and I'm just wanting to confirm that an almost black screen is better for the lamp than a fully lit one
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  1. Link doesn't work
  2. Anyone else?
  3. Given the number of posts; all linking to the same... questionable... url, I'd probably recommend a thorough virus/ad-ware scan of your system.

    As to your question, I'm sorry, but I don't know, but I would expect that if it's true, the same would apply to monitor LCDs (I could be wrong here). I've been turning my monitor off and on several times a day for the last few years without issue.

    -Wolf sends
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