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I bought a broken Xbox 360 off someone for $20. It's a complete system, with hard drive, cables, power, and all. I plug it in, turn it on, and I get the 3 red rings, which I was expecting. I unplugged everything, turned it on again, and it worked. Then I shut it off to research the xclamps which I was about to buy. Then I turn it on again later, and there's no sound, or video. But the console turns on, and ejects the disc. It also reads the disc. Also I tried my VGA cable on several monitors.

Since the 3 red lights is essentially a cold solder on the GPU/CPU, doesn't this mean I could try the X- Clamps?

Any ideas?
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  1. Depends on the X360 model. The RROD has been an indicator for a lot of potential problems.
  2. It's an old "Pro" system, came with a 20gb drive. But yeah, I know the 3 red lights indicates a variety of problems. I think I'm going to try it, and see what happens. If I can't fix this particular xbox, maybe I can fix another.
  3. ive fixed a dew xboxes myself and during my trial and error phases (when i fixed them and they kept breaking) when it red rings or is about to reg ring all sorts of odditys can go on

    my advice to fixing it would be get the xclamps replace the thermal compound then get a hot air gun on the GPU leave the cpu one alone do if for about 1 min then try it if its still playing up try it for a little longer then you should be good to go

    any more questions just ask and ile help anyway i can
  4. Thanks, I'll try that!
  5. Update for anyone curious-

    I bought and installed the X Clamps. It's been a week now and its still working. I noticed the fans run faster now, probably because now REAL thermal paste has been added, the right amount of heat can be dissipated.

    I did notice though, when I first turned on the Xbox after the mod...I got the lights, as expected. But I got 0100 instead of 0102. 0100 HAS to be GPU memory. So I'm thinking on my unit there was a cold joint in the GPU, and something was up in the VRAM. So possibly in the future the memory will fail. Then I'll try the penny fix. ;)

    Anyone have any questions on Xbox repairs? I did a lot of research on this recently.
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