i have an 80 gb ipod classic s/n 8k802xvxy5n model #mb029ll version 1.1.2pc that i just bought from a friend and have yet to have itunes ever even agnolage its exitance, my computer on the other hand freezes , hangs gives me (code #) errors, driver problems, you name it! by following the plentiful advice on the internet i think my driver woes are solved... i dont know i havent done anything with it yet but try to resolve driver/configuration problems and try to get this damn frustrating piece of nicely ceafted" i think" hardware to sync to i tunes, if its on apples website "anyware" ive tried it, the "5 Rs" as they so often refer to are of no help and all the support seems to go in the same dirrection change this then restart, change this than uninstall, windows seems to be coming around, at least driver wise, still hangs totaly on every system startup or shut down that the ipod is connected to thou, and programs are constantly "not responding" or graying out for 30-60 seconds, ALOT, my thing is if its a bad ribbin cable, battery, ben dropped to hard, what ever, lets get on with it, if thats how my new toy is going to be lets get on with the bad news, 'the parts list", get em' ordered and some life in this thing, so far its walked me through its settings, programs, and disk modes, enough to... well you get my point, all i seem to find are the same tech tips, over and over, hasnt anyone fixed this problem with something other than, uninstall and setup, repeat, repeat, this thing has nothing in it, nada, not even a sample song or two to listen to repeatedly, while i drive this click wheel around the block a few more times. please help my new toy come to lfe and be the real boy he always wanted to be... the end\r\nthanks for readin me prob, hope yoe can help, cuz ive read all the "5 Rs' help i can stand, ive never really used itunes befor, but am not liking the resiliance it has shone me, theres nothing i can seem to tackle with the internet and some page readin, but the tech help while plentiful seems a little basic for lack of a better word, but maybe its just me and the magic button was always there and im lookin for zebras, well thanks even if you cant help, thanks for reading, feel like ive acomplised more here than the past few days circlen the wagons with this thing.
yours truely davidmfoote
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    Try looking through the Apple forums like above.

    I'd also consider reinstalling your motherboard USB driver.
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