B/W Laser Printer - Brother 2040 vs 2140

I'm just about to pick up a cheap black and white laser printer, for my everyday printing needs (university student) - my bubble jet is horrid and not printing properly. I've basically narrowed it down to the two models listed above, since they both seem to be cheap and reasonably rated.

What I can't decide between, is which model to buy - I've been suggested to buy the 2040 because it's cheaper in price ($79 AUD) compared to the 2140 ($115 AUD). As far as the toners are concerned, I lose out on 1000 sheets with the initial purchase buying the newer 2140 - but if I buy the high yield toner subsequently it is actually cheaper (though currently I need to buy it in quantities of 3).

So, which one should I really opt for? Alternatively are there other suggestions?
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  1. 2040 is better supplies are cheaper and re-manufacutured toners and drums work OK.
    2170 is quirky and will always need OEM products. It rejects refilled cartridges and will not work.
    So I go with 2040. Otherwise no big difference in quality of output for standard BW printing.
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