Dell Precision 690

This is my first Precision system... I snagged it off ebay for $605 +40 shipping last week.

Specs :

2x xeon 5160 3.0ghz 1333fsb
4gb ddr2-5300f
4x146gb 15k SAS w\ Perc 5i raid card
1000w psu
nvidia quadro fx vid ( kinda weak but no big deal )

Anyhow... this is one of the most solid systems i've seen. For $645 I got a rediculous deal since I did a search on ebay and found other lesser equipped 690's going for $1000-1200. With a decent video card this would blow any mac pro out of the water.

I pulled the sas drives for 4 750gb WD Raid Edition drives for the extra storage space because it's just going to be used for backups and for part of our imaging system.
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  1. Is there a question in there?

    Not a bad snag. It's a shame to pull those SAS drives though.
  2. no question... just stating how awesome this computer is. I see all these people selling Mac Pro's on craigslist w\ some pretty week specs for $2500+ and just think it's rediculous. If I put a high end video card in this system it would be sick.

    If I was in the market for a computer and bought this for myself, I'd for sure leave the sas drives in.

    The specs are basically equivilant to our 2nd most powerful server that ran us around $4500 18 months ago. I priced out a dell build of a new precision w\ similar specs and it comes out to $4150.

    But I'm using the 750gb drives to have more than enough room for backups of servers and our imaging system. w\ the sas drives i'd be limited on space for what I'm needing.
  3. Can't you leave the faster SAS drives in for operating system and applications and just add one or two other large drives for storage or does system not support two more?
  4. Hello there, I picked up a motherboard on ebay recently and I'm wondering if there is any way to make it work with non-dell components - for example the power supply.

    Does anyone know what the pin layout is for the power switch? That is actually my biggest obstacle at the moment :)

  5. You have the opposite problem that I have :) I got the motherboard and nothing else!

    Luckily I found a cheap case and power supply on Ebay, and I happened to have an X5472 collecting dust. If everything goes together and works I'll have a T7400 for about $250 after shipping. I should still probably pick up one of those ridiculous CPU heatsinks though, instead of this 1u heatsink I have from an Apple Xserve.

    Good luck!
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