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I have an Intel Mac Mini connected via a DVI-to-HDMI cable to the Denon AVR 2310CI. The Denon is connected to a Sony HDTV via HDMI.

When I log into Mac OS X I am able to see the desktop just fine. But when I log in to the Windows 7 Boot Camp OS, I only see the initial black screen with "Starting Windows" but as soon as the desktop is supposed to appear, the screen goes blank. The TV behaves as if there was no input supplied to it.

I connected the mini directly to the TV and all was ok. Something's up with Windows 7 (and earlier, I had Vista and had the same issue) connected to Denon.

Any clues about what I can do to make the display appear?
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  1. See if you can get Windows to start in safe mode -- on a PC you press F8 key as Windows boots.

    Safe mode give you rough 'n ready resolution (as per the Starting Windows screen) so it should show up.

    You can hopefully set a resolution in safe mode which doesn't freak out your screen when you next boot normally
  2. No, that did not help. I am able to boot in Safe Mode but when I change resolution, the screen goes blank.
  3. There's hope if it works in Safe Mode. Have you tried the lowest resolutions ? Also look at refresh rate.
  4. the lower resolutions work in safe mode and otherwise. but as soon as i try to go to normal mode or increase resolutions, the screen goes blank. :-(
  5. I'm afraid I've exhausted logical suggestions so let's try religion -- maybe it's just Apple's way of punishing you for straying from the path of Jobs.
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