Hp tx1000 nvidia no boot temp fix

I came across a forum that someone said they pushed a button to make it work.. actually when you pushe the buttons jkl with your palm, you push the nvidia chip back into the board reseating it.. I have a laptop that hp and their english challenged support team has refused to help warranty or fix less than 6 hrs of buying it from comp usa 2 years ago.. it was a speaker not working at first. hp said comp usa had to fix if, comp usa said they were not going to fix it. so after countless hrs of teaching there staff how to speak english, i decided to fix it myself. today it was just dead, the lights came on, but the display was dead, and the hd light was on only a few seconds.. i pushed the buttons down and tried the power button, i kept applying more pressure until it worked.. it has been a few hrs ago and still comes on and off with no problems.. i told a friend about it and he tried and it worked for him.. dont know for how long, but should be able to keep doing it until i get a new laptop.. not hp for sure until they pay me for my english lessons.. I hope the head people of hp need help sometime and get support like they dish out..
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  1. leave it on, dont switch it off
  2. been a couple months now and the unit has had no problems yet.. even posted it on youtube and have had emails and countless praises for the 5 finger push.. :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:
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