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I ordered 2 unlocked cellphone ,1 is Nokia 5800 and 1 is Nokia 5530,and 1 Digi-Drame viewsonic, I am going to give these CP/Dige-frame to my children in the Philippines. I plan not to open it. Let them open it there when it get there.My question is how many days can I return/exchage it if ever it is defective and not working right. Florie
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  1. I think the actual days for returning change from product to product.
    I would open everything carefully and check that everything works properly.
    Otherwise you would pay the shipping to the philippines and then back, and you would end up spending substantially more.
    Plus if you open the phones, you can charge them for the first time, they usually tell you to leave them charging overnight, so the battery lasts more.

    A child usually wants to start using the presents right away.
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