Can I use PC2700 DDR 333 on a PC2100 mainboard?


Is it possibile to use a 256M PC2700 DDR RAM on a monther board which only support PC2100 RAM? I know the performance will down. but can it run?

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  1. your new pc2700 RAM will run, but not at it's designed clock.
    Chance are big it will run @ 133MHzx2 (pc2100), but on few case it may run a little less for stability issue.

    There are other posts answering that question on this board, with higher english/technical level than mine ;)

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  2. All DDR RAM is backwards compatible with lower speeds so it will work in your board. However it will lower its clock speed to 133Mhz (266Mhz DDR).
  3. Thank your guys so much!
  4. yes will work properly with lower clock speed anyway
  5. Yes, it should work just fine. However, the new stick will just clock itself down to the slowest memory stick's speed.

    Tavis Curry
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