I835 polaroid camera

my camera lens won't retract or my camera don't come on have new batteries
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  1. You're not the first person to have a total failure with this camera. You have to bear in mind that Polaroid pretty much don't exist any more so the brand name has been used on a generic cheap camera.

    You might try returning it to the dealer -- if it's a couple of years old they may try some nonsense about being outside the warranty -- but the warranty doesn't affect your normal consumer rights to expect a camera to last a lot longer than that.

    If you have to try and fix it yourself I would take the batteries out for 15 minutes and try again. If it takes standard AA batteries, try it with some fresh Duracells instead of rechargeables.

    If that doesn't work, bash the camera against a table top hard enough to unjam the lens but not enough to break the case and try again.

    Next time buy a new or used camera from an established camera brand like Canon, Pentax, Nikon, Olympus.

    My Olympus cameras were bought secondhand for between $6 and $18 and one must be around 5 years old and still works brilliantly.
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