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Hi So I have a creative x-fi fatality sound card this one and the logitech g51 surround sound speakers these For some strange reason whenever I run the channel test for the speakers using the software provided with the card it doesn't make any noise when it goes to the sub center or the rears, only the front left and right. I know everything is plugged in because they all make noise in games. And i know that the pc is registering them as all in because it says in the setup console that they are plugged in and when i unplug them it tells me that. Another reason why I know its messed up is because in call of duty world at war the voices in the sp come out of the center speaker and I cant hear them until I turn to the side and it comes out the front left or front right. Also when I run the channel test when it says front left or front right it comes out f both rear speakers. Thats weird. Any suggestions on what is wrong. I'm guessing its a setting somewhere idk what though. Thanks guys and I appreciate any suggestions.
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  1. Two things I forgot to mention are I am running windows vistas 64 bit and for some odd reason certain youtube videos dont play very the soubd is just a rumble nothin more..idk whats wrong
  2. Four things:

    #1 Vista's updates may break the #2 list.

    #2 damage drivers or missing codecs.

    #3 Security Software may block applications to play.

    #4 Application conficts.

    As for your X-fi and speakers, make sure you check your manual for the proper output because Soundblaster have a funny way of terminals arangement.
  3. I know that the drivers are good cuz this was a fresh build and i had them updated through the creative website.
    I have turned off my anti virus and it still has messed up positioning
    It could be application conflicts but I get the same messed up sound in every game
    I know they are plugged into the right terminal cuz when i unplug them it tells me which cable was pulled out and it says the one that i pulled out.
    Thanks for the suggestions
  4. I'm not sure how you want to do this but when I build a gaming system. Network, Audio and Video drivers and Net Frameworks are the first to get updated then the OS.

    I install all games after testing each game after eachinstall then update.

    Last install the security.

    However I don't have any new games and any issues on my games are more likely fix. Not that i don't like new games but I chose the game I put on my PC more carefully than what I insert to my console.
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