Desktop computer too old need new one

firstly i don't know the anatomy of a computer (desktop) and have no idea how to build a customized one. secondly my sister bought me a used computer and now the case is busted so i will just buy a new computer system. I want to learn how to customize build a computer, any links will be appreciated.

i am planning on getting a dell because i heard it is good for customizing but i don't know which on to get; Inspiron, studio, studio XPS i don't know which one to get because there are sub categories.

My old computer cannot be fixed (i brought them to computer repair stores and they say it is too old) because every few weeks new technology comes out and they forget about the old stuff.
(i wonder if they did this on purpose to make people buy more computers)

I need a computer that has alot of memory. I will use the computer for photoshop, corel painter and other graphic or digital art.
I will need alot of memory for alot of high resolution pictures and i will also use it with a scanner to scan pictures.
Also can you recommend a computer for using with a home music studio? for connecting keyboards and guitars. And for music softwares.

It might be better (for money) to be able to do digital arts with the music studio on the same computer to save money.

besides that i will use the computer to use to internet for research and go to forums and watch videos etc.(little or no gaming at all). I recall a music studio professor not recommending internet for a computer mostly for music studio work or digital arts...
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  1. What other graphic or digital arts will you do? What you have described so far - photo editing, music, internet. and little or no gaming place little demand on a computer - you should easily be able to do all of those with a very basic computer. I don't know if any other special hardware is required for your music work.

    Do you have a budget? You can get a very simple basic computer for $500. How much more do you want to spend to get a little better or faster rig?

    How long do you expect to keep it before getting a new one?

    Take a look at this $499 sale deal from Dell - it appears to have everything you need - the cheaper models I saw had the slower Sempron processors - in the far right colunm.

    Note that it only has a 300w power supply so you will never be able to put in much of a graphics card unless you update the power supply - but the onboard graphics may be all you need anyway. If you think you want to leave room to add a more robust video card later then you need to move up to a different model.
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