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Hey there.

Recently, I've been attempting to research into a new speaker system for my PC. I love music, and use my current speakers (JBL Creature II's) mainly for that and movies, and my headset for games.

Having listened to a decent hi-fi system around a friends house, I can't really go back to my JBL speakers without noticing that the sound is genuinely sub-par compared to said hi-fi.

Now, I've been looking into getting a decent pair of speakers, maybe a sub in addition, through which to mainly listen to music, though what research I have done has really just led me round in circles.

First I tripped over a few names, such as KrK, Alesis and Behringer in the lower-end of high-quality speakers, though these are studio monitors (?). Could they be used for general listening or are they not recommended?

I know that I'm going to need a few things in the process -

•The speakers themselves
•A receiver for my PC
•Amps if the speakers are passive (rather have active but it seems most hi-fi systems don't do active speakers)

A few things I'd like from the speakers -

Mainly they would be used on my PC, preferably situated on my desk.
My room is 3m x 4m if that makes any difference.
May be used at parties in slightly larger rooms (not much larger)
Whole system must cost £250 or less.

Anyone wish to help? :)
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  1. Studio monitors can be tiring for general use as they are critical in order to reveal defects -- for example older monitors are sensitive at tape hiss frequencies because in analogue days that was a big concern.

    For my music PC I use KEF Chorales, mid priced large bookshelf speakers from the 1970's. They genuinely made it easier to check what was going on (compared to the previous Aiwa music centre speakers or cheap PC speaker) and were later upgraded with crossovers from KEF 104s, as the drive units are similar.

    The amp is an ancient but compact Mission Cyrus. A musician friend uses Spendors and an old Trio amp.
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