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I'm thinking of opening internet cafe and I'm wondering how does software distribution works? Lets say I purchase copy of windows 7, would I be able to install windows 7 on 6 computers using the same serial number?
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  1. Although I do not have experience in purchasing Windows in this manner, I am sure Microsoft either offers a "multi-user" license, probably at different tiers based on number of users/PC's, and possibly an "enterprise" license which is a blanket license for all members/employees of an organization.
  2. @Pustik, contact Microsoft office or reseller in your country.

    Your cheapest solution would be either to get unique OEM copies for ALL of your computers (that is, 10 computer - 10 OEM licenses, 10 different activation keys).

    Another option (I don't know whether it will be cheaper) is to apply for a "Volume License", where a single activation keys can be applied on a number of PCs. Again, it depends on where you live.
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