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My father-in-law wants my help (as in I will be doing it) with installing some new ram into his laptop. I don't have access to the laptop yet, but I want to try to track down the type of DDR is in the laptop and what speed I can put in it. The computer is a Dell Latitude500, 1 Stick, 256 mb, 20 gig. Is there any easy way to find this out, that isn't too complicated - like not requiring him to take it apart before I get there?

Thanks. I want to try to upgrade this as soon as possible. Thank you so much.
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  1. You can use Dell's website to look up the specs of the notebook.
  2. Silly me, thanks.
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    this is a real website, it scans your memory and tells you which one you need to buy and if you have any free slots
    its free to use (they think you will buy the rams from them) but you dont need to buy from them,,easy just click the scan button
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