Problems with my new Denon 5.1 system help!

I bought it over 30 days ago ( of course so can't just return it ) but not sure what the problem is. the system is the Denon 5.1 receiver with Boston Acuoustic speakers. model DHT-589BA, I was playing some xbox 360 the other night and before I turned it off I heard a pop/crackling noise ( not listening to it loud at all nor have been ) and since whenever I turn it on I get popping/base noises/or whining noises till I shut it off. so is it the receiver? I have ALOT of cables all running together so my first thought was maybe static? or something... I've replugged the cables into the receiver to make sure their secure but nothing changed. Should I yank all the cables completely out and start over? I just dunno what to do it's worked fine for over a month. Thanks ahead of time.
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  1. hmmmm now I'm getting no sound... nice 8(

    edit: ok back to crazy static and whinning noises. lol
  2. well lol... I changed between analog, hdmi, and optical cables. I also replugged every audio cable into every speaker etc to make sure secure. Then it hit me that the system had a lil dust ontop of it, which of course the whole top is open for dust to get it, though I didn't think it was dusty inside from what I could tell. I figured I might as well take the vacuum to it hardcore... so I took the nozzle hose and went nuts from ontop of it. So far it's working perfect for going on 15 mins.. so I guess a lil dust can kill anything. Hopefully it's fixed. after all that it may have been dust somewhere it shouldn't have been.
  3. Was it only happening through your HDMI slots or did it do it through composite also... Im having the exact same problem with the sudden loud cracking noise and then an explosive boom then no sound, but only through my HDMIs
  4. I have the exact same problem, did you find a solution yet?
  5. I spent 70$ on a Monster HDMI cable.. That kinda worked for me, when my speakers were crackling. I might just be lucky though.
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