Downloading in ultra low power mode

hello i m using utorrent 24x7 and downloading games movies an all.
is there any way to keep system in low power mode while still downloading..?
my sys config is
amd athlon 7850 be 2.8ghz
gigabyte mainboard ga-ma-78-gpm-ds2h
2gb ddr2 800 kingston
saphire 5770 1gb gpu
coolermaster real power 460w psu
any one help plz
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  1. Not that system as such.

    You can undervolt and underclock the CPU by going into the bios though.

    I find as soon as the cpu use jumps over 1% cool n quiet or Speedstep cuts in and pushes the cpu up to fullspeed.

    For a small file server or box to simply connect to the net for LEGAL USE, you can simply underclock and undervolt the CPU to reduce power use.

    600 to 800 Mhz should be all you need to run that box at, and depending on the CPU stepping, you should be able to drop the Vcc by about 0.1 to 0.2 volts, from the default.
    I hope this helps.
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