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Compaq armada 1598 DMT

Hi, I have an older Compaq Armada 1598 DMT laptop. I have not used it in about 5 years due to using my desktop. I tried plugging it it in and when the screen first loads it says 49152 kb ok, then it states there is a non-SYSTEM disk or disk error,replace and strike any key when ready???? Well, I do not know about replacing a disc but when I strike any key nothing happens?

Please help?!!!!
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    Is there a floppy disk or CD disc in the floppy or CD drives?
    No? Then sounds like the laptop HDD drive has a problem.
    Did you still have the CD disc for Windows that came with the laptop? You could boot up with that. Try putting that in the CD drive.

    Or you can use your PC to make a bootable CD as well.
    What versions of windows are you working with?
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