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I upgraded to Comcast HDTV and had a new converter installed. It attaches to the main TV via a HDMI connection. The analog TVs in other parts of the house no longer work. Before, they would display the same station as the main TV. How do I connect them to the new cable converter.....do I install converter boxes at each TV now and hook them up to the new HDTV converter box? Hope this makes sense! Thanks!
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  1. You won't get HDTV on an analog tv, and if you have comcast internet then you should be able to just connect the TV in the jack and you should some channels,if internet is enabled in that room not wi fi. Even with cable that should happen
  2. If they were getting the same channel as the main TV then they were not connected directly to the cable but were fed off the old non-HD converter box. There should be an antenna wire that was feeding the rest of the house that needs to be connected to the RF output of the new converter box. If you want different channels on each TV then you will need a converter at each one.
  3. Agree with americanaudiophile above. That's the simplest solution, since it was apparently setup that way before. If for some reason the coax output of the box is disabled you'll have to call Comcast to get them to enable it. Or you could use the composite and audio outs with an RF modulator if you happen to have one of those laying around (or buy for like $10 for a simple one).
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