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Computer with 8gb ram quad core processor 1 terabyte

I do tons of photo editing using large files from a professioanl photographers camera. I do a lots of layers from photoshop. my friend said to get a hp buisness type computer with a guad core processor, 8gb raw, 1 terabyte. Can you offer suggestions on what you think and where to buy, I need a good deal, and a reliable system for my small buisness. What do you think about his suggestion.
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    Those suggestions are good ones. You could probably get by with a smaller HDD and less RAM to save money.
    What are you using now? What budget are you working with? (chart of CPU power for PhotoShop.

    HP and Dell are probably the leading candidates for a good deal with good support.
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    You won't need more than 6GB of RAM in a system. You can save a few $$ there.

    The TB hard drive is a bit excessive. You can save some there. I still like using the 640GB caviar black drive.

    With the $$ saved, get the best CPU in a system you can afford.
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