Which is the best 24" glossy LCD monitor for gaming?

It has to have DVI connection.

Thanks :)
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  1. At the beginning 2011 are in the market only this glossy (glare) LCD monitor:
    1. Apple LED cinema 24" and 27" (good resolution, high price, attention: only miniDisplay port male)
    2. Gateway FHX2300
    3. Acer P225HQLbd - ET.WP5HE.012 (only DVI)
    4. Asus VG236H (3D monitor, 3D glasses kit, 120 Hz, DVI, HDMI only 1.2),
    Asus VG236HE (=Asus VG236H without 3D glasses kit)
    5. Asus LS248H (matte screen behind glass, 2 ms, HDMI 1.3, LED (so good contrast), black color is not true black as in glossy monitor in laptops)
    Everyone other monitor has matte (antiglare screen)!

    Result: If you want HDMI, so buy Asus LS248H,
    if you want DVI, so buy Asus VG236HE.
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