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In case anyone is looking for more details regarding Dell's 2408WFP monitor:

Dell 2408WFP - Updates, Changes and Issues?

The article also references another site that reviews this monitor in even greater detail.

Dell 2408WFP - Home Test

Color accuracy is rather poor before any calibration what-so-ever as can be seen below:

After being calibrated color accuracy is much better:

Based on the below chart, the 2408WFP (which uses a S-PVA panel) actually bests my NEC 2490WUXi (which uses a S-IPS panel) in black levels and contrast ratio after being calibrated.



There appears to be an issue around the sharpness of the image, and the setting for sharpness is even available when using the DVI interface. This manifests itself in some slight colour shadows around text and appears to be quite difficult to resolve to everyone's satisfaction. Activating ClearType may help to a degree, but is not always favourable to users.


Red and Green Tinting

Some users have reported a slight red / pink tint across the screen, often limited to only certain areas of the image and sometimes only evident while the screen warms up for the first 5 - 10 minutes. Calibration seems to do nothing, but some have RMA-ed the screen and received perfect replacements, suggesting a possible fault rather than wide-spread fundamental flaw. Some users have spotted a similar green colour tinting, often visible on blacks or shadows. Again, this doesn't seem to be commonly reported, but some have spotted it. It is unclear whether this is a big issue or not, but it looks currently like it is quite isolated and probably more related to faulty units than anything else.


Power Supply Buzzing

Some users have reported a quiet buzzing noise from the integrated power supply. However, this seems to commonly disappear if you adjust OSD brightness above 65%.

Below is a link to YouTube which demonstrates ghosting:
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  1. Here's a good article that may help you calibrate your Dell 2408WFP lcd monitor. Pretty thorough and there are some good comments with other options on calibration as well. Hopefully that helps!
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