Are LCD's up to CRT reliability yet?

I have an older NEC 19" monitor. Or maybe it's 21". Not sure.

Anyways. I know I'm going to be moving around for a few months, kinda a never in the same place two nights sorta deal, and this thing is going to get ugly lugging around. Of course a nice flat pannel would be nice and lighter, not to mention I could start buying smaller desks (which I seem to go through like butter) since it leaves a smaller foot print.

Problem is, I am damn picky about my picture. I've seen a real nice bump in picture when I built this new system and installed the 8800 GTS 512. I basically really only watch movies and game (Crysis, Conan coming, Assassin's Creed etc).

I like the reliability of my CRT. Solid picture, every time. No funky angle problems, no bleeding, no dead pixels.

So, is there really any reason whatsoever to go LCD?
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  1. Then you mean image quality, not reliability as per se (i.e. the ability to rely on something keep operating within its set parametres). The short answer to your question is a resounding "no". Keep your trusted CRT (Trinitron I assume); there is no LCD with the resolutions scaling, high refresh rates, zero-lag, real black, superior clarity (smaller dot pitch), no ghosting and colour vividness of a high end CRT. I am gutted that those damn LCDs have been forced to us.
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