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Hello, I took it upon myself to try and build my own PC and get it up and running with a little help from my brother who has some knowledge with computers...only not enough. I don't know too much about the whole situation but right now I'm trying to boot up my PC with a Windows 7 pro x32 boot USB and I keep blue-screening. All I could catch on it was a driver error or something so I read up on my mobo manual and it says when installing windows 7, I need to install SATA RAID/AHCI drivers during the windows 7 installation. Now, this is where I'm lost as I'm not sure what it's saying about my BIOS settings and what they should be. I have a SATA HDD but I'm not sure (again) what my bios settings should be (pertaining to onChip SATA type including native IDE, RAID, or AHCI. If anyone's willing to help a complete novice from scratch, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Also, not sure if this is the right category/sub category to submit...
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  1. Are you sure it doesn't just recommend enabling AHCI? Enabling AHCI will help performance, but the drive should work just fine in IDE too. It just disables some modern features like NCQ.

    Have you tried installing from a CD/DVD instead? Most modern motherboards should boot just fine from USB if you tell them to, but you never know. And using an optical drive is still the default way to do things.
  2. Unfortunately I don't have a boot disk, had to download an ISO and put it on a USB. Now if I enable AHCI in BIOS do I have to install outside drivers (like from my motherboard disk) or does windows 7 take care of that?
  3. make sure your usb stick in the usb 2.0 ports. also check that the cd-rom and hard drive sata cables are connected to the intel sata ports some mb have two set of 6g sata ports.the other set is made for data drives most time. make sure the mb reading your ram speed right. (may have to turn on xmp profile. also check that the mb bios is up to date on a lot of the x77 and x68 there bios updates for new cpu and ram code. in your bios you have to make the usb stick the first boot device. the n the hard drive.
  4. Get your Motherboard CD/DVD - it contains the drivers for your SATA controller . Maybe post some info about your system. Then we can help you more precise.
  5. Um, got a Gigabyte 990XA-UD3 and I'm trying to install windows from a USB (downloading the ISO at and used the Windows 7 USB DVD downloading tool) to a SATA drive. I think that's all the relevant info lol. My mobo guide manual says to put my "onChip sata controller" to enabled but doesn't say what to put my "onChip sata type" to. Again, I'm a huge novice at this stuff and I guess for RAID you need multiple HDDs which isn't the case here but that still leaves me with the options "AHCI" and "Native IDE".

    Also, sorry for apparently having two threads in multiple locations. My first thread had a "thread flooding detected" error and I didn't know it actually posted it.
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