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I'm Building a new PC, Mostly for Gaming and Home Studio.
And I've had a question all the time, The question is: Can I use a gaming card to record audio?
There is only one thing that concerns me...latency. Anything under 10 ms is Ok.
That being said, Is the "Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Professional" Card good for both? or is it only for gaming?
I've read some reviews and they're mixed. I'm confused. Can anyone give me advice in whether this card is good or if there is another card out there that does both jobs right?
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  1. Most expert wisdom suggests that if you are serious about using your PC for recording then you should avoid doing other things with it as there are so many issues with conflicting hardware etc.

    They suggest that once your PC is successfully recording audio to your satisfaction NEVER change it...... no updates, service packs, new software ..... nothing.

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