How to install win7 32 bit In Intel Pentium Processor

I want to install Windows 7, but I have Intel Pentium processor which does not supported 64 bit.So, how I install windows 7 in 32 Bit?
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  1. Buy Windows 7 32 bit.
  2. If your system is so old that it doesn't support 64bit you might have issues running win7. It might not have drivers for your old hardware. You might be better off using XP.
  3. Agreeing with 4745454b. Most CPUs for the past 7 years has supported 64-bit. What Pentium do you have?
  4. 1. Buy genuine windows 7 32 bit installation disk..
    2. Go to bios set it to boot from optical drive.
    3. insert to win installation disk to the optical drive and reboot.
    4. follow the step by step guide to install OS.
    5. At Restart Remove the disk and finis the OS installation
    6. Install The driver needed.
    7. The rest ...... (etc, etc,... )

    As 4745454b said, it might not work properly since your rig quite old
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