Need Help Identifying and Finding a Use for Data Transfer Switch

I got this Data Transfer Switch and it looks old. I am trying to find a use for it and I am also trying to find out what it is supposed to be used for. Like what is it supposed to do. Here are some links to pictures of it. It is a simple device and I only have pictures of two sides: the front and the back. The back has the ports the front has a single switch. I have a picture that has a diagram and the other two pictures are pictures I took. The diagram has the ports labeled in blue, I am not sure if they are labeled correctly.




Also to give you a better feel of what it looks like here is a picture from a different angle of a similar product

So if you could describe what this thing is used for and if you think there is anything is would be useful for today tell me.
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  1. That's going back a while.

    These let you switch between say 2 computers using 1 monitor or printer. Yours looks pretty high end with the myriad of combinations it can do.
  2. How would you do this? I don't quite understand what each port does. The way I thought of it is kind of dividing the ports on the back into columns and rows. The first column is Computer A, second column is Computer B, 3rd is output. 1st row is something (im not sure), second row is monitor. 3rd row is keyboard. Is that right? so if you go to 2nd column 2nd row that would be for computer b's screen? Whats the first row for?
  3. The first row appears to be mouse.

    I noticed something though. Take a look at middle row to the right. That monitor port looks like it might have been messed with. The female screw housing on the left side is gone, replaced with an actual screw and the one on the right has dealt some damage to the unit's casing.
  4. Oh yes, when i got it that part was broken. The screws were undone and a part was missing and i replaced it with a screw.
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