Do i have to have comcast digital converter box?

i have comcast cable on 4 tvs. only received two digital converter boxes. can i purchase a converter box for the other tvs or do i have to rent from comcast? what if I disconnect the comcast cable - will any digital converter box work?
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  1. if the tv do not have a digital receive then yes you will need to get a box. no not any digital box, you will need to get the specs from your cable provider to make sure that it supports their technology, in a way it's like a cable modem, not all cable modems will work with all the ISP providers. every cable company has different technology but most of the time they will try to keep it the same. the reason why i am saying this is because my cable modem worked just fine in the states but when i moved to GUAM it would not work because it was not DOCSIS 3.0 compatible.
  2. Just trying to find what is on PPV (HD).. NEW PPV. :whistle:
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