Display problem with my dell inspiron 1521

whenver i try to plug my charger into my dell inspiron 1521 after 2 minutes it makes the screen go really really dark, i can faintly see the screen. why is it doing this for? when i havent got my charger plugged in it still does it but only after about 15 mins. it even goes dark if im in the bios settings or trying to run a format on my C drive. Basically im buggered. ive checked my connections to my motherboard and everything is fine, could it be my video card? but why should my power cable have anything to do with my screen going dark? the brightness setting is up to 10, the brightest it can get. Please can someone help me.
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  1. maybe there is something wrong with your screen.. have you dropped it or anything? not too sure sorry.... ure best taking it to a pc shop and asking the people there.. they will sort it there and then for next to nothing... or tell u whats wrong and how to fix
  2. Your screen backlight is dead. You need to replace the LCD.
  3. The problem you are having is most likely the backlight or the power inverter or possibly both, it is not necessary to replace the entire screen.
  4. Hi

    Try connecting an external screen to the system and then connect the ac adapter..if the external screen still goes blank when u connect the ac adapter the issue is with the mobo if its a integrated video card or video card if its add on video card on th mobo. if the external screen if fine when u connect the ac adapter then the issue is with the laptop's LCD scren and it needs to be changed.
  5. You still don't necessarily need to change out the entire screen. More than likely it is the backlight or the power inverter or even both. It would be a great waste of money to replace the entire screen when you only need a couple of parts at $50 - $100 for both.
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