I need help really bad laptop is driving me crazy

i was installing a game and my laptop just stoped and shut down i did everything i knew how to fix it nothing worked and then i got it to a cmd prompt i started formating my harddrive because it was full like no memory left and in the middle my cat unpluged the cord and it die and now i cant get to anything it gose too boot menu and idk what to do its driveing me insane itll cost me 2 3 hundred bucks i dont have for a harddrive and a copy of windows 7 please help )':
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  1. Sounds like the cat has killed the boot manager/sector and the like.

    If this is an OEM laptop, Acer, Dell etc, you shuld be able to do a system recovery by hitting a Fnn key.

    If your using your own windows dvd, boot of it, when you get to the point where it displays partitions, hit advance and delete the old corrupt partitions.
  2. it is a toshiba a665-s6094 and it gose right o boot menu on tart up
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