Hi guys, I have a Canon DC220 camcorder and it uses mini dvds. Is there any way I can take the videos from these dvds and put them onto my computer? My computer can play the videos through Windows Media Player but it doesn't give me the option to copy or cut them. Also I have tried opening the cd rom through explore and all I see is a VOB folder. If I copy the VOB folder, how can I play the files within it? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance.
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  1. VOB is the container file format for the video, audio, subtitles and other data for the movie. Most 3rd party video players (such as highly regarded VLC Media Player) can natively play VOB files.

    Do you just want to play them or do you want to do some editing and converting?
  2. I would like to copy them as ONE file and put it in a folder. So probably convert it to a file thats playable on most computers
  3. The quick way (though it doesn't work for everything or play on everything) is simply to change the file extension from .vob to .mpeg.

    The guaranteed way would be to use an application like DVD Converter Platinum.
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