Graphics card driver/audio clash...

Hi. Any help you have to offer would be greatly appreciated.

So I've recently built my own computer and everything's gone very well (to my surprise) apart from one thing.
I'm having problems between my graphics card (Nvidia GeForce 9600GT 1GB) which is currently on an HDMI connection to my monitor, and my fairly cheap sound card (Genius Sound Maker v1.2).
I installed the sound card's drivers first, and had sound but just after installing the graphics card drivers, the sound
I decided to uninstall the graphics card drivers and the sound came flooding back, so something in the graphics card drivers is ruling out my
sound capabilities.
I've checked to see if there's a hardware conflict and there isn't, everything is working fine according to device manager.
I'm pretty unsure of what to do, and it's fairly annoying because i can either play games with sound and very poor graphics or
good graphics and no sound.
Life's full of little dissapointments i guess.

I should also probably mention I'm using Windows XP Home, no service pack 1 or 2 yet...
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  1. Hey im not sure why that happens, its been happening to me as well. Whenever I install drivers for my Nvidia Geforce 9400 GT my RealTek AC97 Surround Sound goes :fou:

    What I did to get both the sound and the display working together with both drivers installed was;

    1. Go into Device Manager
    2. Expand Display adapters
    3. Right click on the Card (NVIDIA Geforce 9400 GT in my case) and select Disable

    (At this point I would hear my sound kick in as if I plugged in a device)

    4. Right click on the Card again and select Enable

    (After doing those steps, both my sound and display drivers worked together :) )

    I hope this helps :D
  2. Ah. Yes that would have probably worked, but I did eventually resolve my problem, not through the way I would have liked though.
    I changed the connection between my pc and monitor to DVI instead of HDMI and it worked. Would have liked to have used HDMI but I guess there's not too much of a difference.
  3. Ok. Good to hear you resolved the issue :)
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