Driver for CanoScan LIDE 20 for Windows 7 64bit

could canon possibly spend a minute to help old customers out here?
is this some sort of prompt to invest in a new scanner? would you buy another canon product?
have a nice day and thanks
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  1. Microsoft always does that, however I cannot promise a 64bit driver, my canoscan lide 25 works with the drivers I found on their site.
    Will it scan faster at 64bits ? No.
  2. hello Cyberat_88 and thanks for your answer....
    well, we tried the driver for the canon Lide25 64bit but it won't fire up the probably poverty Lide20
    was worth a try though and thanks again
    p.s. canon says Lide20 not compatible with win 7 64bit..... you'd reckon they would be able to cook up a fix.
  3. Did you look for 32bit drivers ?
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