Old 5.1 speakers with new 5.1 audio card

Hello. I need help connecting an old 5.1 computer speaker system to my Dell Vostro 220 that has a single 5.1 audio output. My old speakers require three audio cables (orange, green, black). Is there some sort of adapter I can get for this or do I need to purchase a new speaker system? Thanks.
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  1. A single 5.1 connector? What does it look like?
  2. That's useful...

    What style of connector is it? Coax? Mini headphone plug? Full size headphone plug? Fiber optic?
  3. Sorry. I didn't understand the question. The standard headphone plugs that you plug into the back of the computer.
  4. Ahh - I see what you're saying now. I found some pics on Dell's website of your computer, and it only has stereo out. You will need a sound card if you want surround sound from that computer.
  5. Wow. I just found out how the audio out works and it wasn't what the Dell tech support was telling me.

    The audio ports in the back can switch between output and input. In other words, the microphone and audio input jacks will switch to output if you plug the 5.1 cables into it! o.O So cool.

    I find it a little irking that the Dell tech support was telling me that the 5.1 output was coming from only the green jack.

    Thanks for trying to help cjl.
  6. That's a really odd setup - and it explains why it seems to not have the standard surround outputs. Glad you finally got it figured out.
  7. Depend on the sound chip used for PC, the terminal connectors changes it's use with proper controllers and driver/s.

    Make sure you don't switch the setting to default or you may hear high pitch noise, more like squealing due to a sound loop when volume up. The center speaker become a mic.
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