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I'm trying to find simple help to secure my laptop. I've tried to look for an answer to this but some of the answers make it seem more confusing. Ok here goes,
When I right click my hard drive C>>properties>>security tab I get these 4 group or user names
authenticated users
Administrators (computer name\administrators)
Users (Computer name/users)

I am the only user of the laptop and have a password logon but this seems like a longer list than it should be- I want to make sure this is all normal and that I am the admin, no one has remote access, if I should leave all those listed above there or remove any , etc. Thank you !
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    All correct.

    Users, well thats you.
    Administrators, thats you too as only account on laptop has to be an admin.
    Authenticated Users, you again
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  2. Yay thank you O Tech Geek Gods- that's great news- What started all this originally is that I was looking at the windows help in win 7 regarding shared folders, permissions etc. and into computer management>>shared folders>>shares>>details and tried to right click on the details column to get to properties but there was no properties option, and worse, in the shares details column there is something called print$ which appeared to be the printer so I was not worried about that- but there is also something else called IPC$ and it says under another column 'remote IPC'- which of course hearing 'remote' set off alarm bells and when i right clicked that, there were no 'properties' (I was trying to follow win 7 help to secure stuff, which said there would be a right-click properties but there isn't) and of course I started to worry. I still don't know what this IPC$ means, or this 'remote ipc' as the description of what it is but I am relieved that the things listed in my original post are ok. If this IPC$ is anything creepy , please let me know!
    You have leveled up in helping a generation X mom gain peace of mind, I can now return to listening to 80's music and dinner will not burn :)
  3. dingo07 said:
    google is your friend...
    IPC explained-

    OK I get you with that, I suppose it is a form of either laziness and/or self-aware ignorance that leads me to try to go straight to the gurus instead of trying to suss out what stuff means, it's like trying to discuss the finer points of auto parts when you don't understand what connects to what - maybe i can make up a new psychological term 'expert attribution disorder' , meaning if one doesn't trust the source or understand the source when one looks something up, it leads to pestering the techies or other experts for reassurance. I will try to 'trust the source' and look up stuff either here or wherever unless I get 'stuck' and thanks again, have a good weekend- :)
  4. print$ is the print share there are several of these depending on the version of windows you have, more in professional and ultimate. Examples C$ , Admin$, fax$ , ipc$ ect....

    this share is only accessable by users with permissions on your machine.
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