Is Jon Stewart right?
Hes one popular liberal, but also mindful of reality
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  1. After watching Stewart's interview with Chris Wallace my opinion of him was confirmed. He is a naive lib who refuses to admit to it. I am not a fan. I am a fan of Chris Wallace and agree with his assertions of Jon Sleeze. He's a bigoted jackass when it comes to knowing what He is talking about regarding politics and his job on smelly Comedy Central in general. Sleeze works for a smelly cesspool network and hardly deserves recognition as a professional by Wallace.
  2. I agree, he doesnt know himself, or, he tries to joke his way out of his actions/beliefs
    But on occasion, he does drop a few truths here and there, which makes him more credible by at least addressing part of the (his type) problems, or more to the point, this is the way the world works and having a whatever man attitude towards it, and savoring that mindset
  3. When has John Stewart claimed to be anything other than a politically informed comedian that has a show on comedy central?

    I was at the rally to restore sanity and/or truth and it was a blast, first time in DC
  4. Well you made a halfbrained actor into a president once ... and a peanut farmer ... o why not a comedian ??

    I vote this guy for President ... he is a real comedian !!
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