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AMD Turns TSMC Into A CPU Manufacturing Giant

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a b à CPUs
May 14, 2008 9:48:38 PM

Why does everyone keep saying SOI = low power? People naturally associated this when AMD had significantly lower power chips vs Intel P4's - but this was primarily a DESIGN, not SOI improvement. Funny how when you look at either the 90 and 65nm mobile chips or the 65nm Core based chips, suddenly the 'high power' bare Si process was more than holding it's own vs SOI? Wonder why that is...

SOI simply reduces junction leakage... in the grand scheme of things this is rather small compared to the gate and subthreshold leakages (which SOI does not address). As a result you would see minimal improvement for graphic chips moving to SOI (unless of course they implement high K - though you don't need SOI for that)

"The power envelope and power/performance ratio is always a key part of any chassis deal and SOI technology apparently delivered."

Complete Bunk...